Bed Bug Resistant

When combined with our bed bug resistant mattress, the Central City Bed helps reduce the occurrence of bed bugs and increases rate of early detection if bed bugs hitch a ride from elsewhere. Design elements that make a difference include:

Made of Steel

Never throw away another bed frame due to pest control challenges! Central City Bed is very durable and easy to clean. If bed bugs get onto the product, it is easily treated and ready to be put back into usage.  Frames are stackable for easy storage.

Angled Metal

There are no tubular metal components that serve as a place for bed bugs to hide.

Platform Frame

A metal, mesh frame eliminates the need for a bed bug friendly box spring made with wood and stitched crevices that bed bugs can penetrate.

Splayed Legs

Our frame and table products feature splayed legs that sit away from walls, making it difficult for bugs to travel from a wall to bed. 

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